05 April 2017 Added Scientific Director, Richard Hague's "3D printing – don’t believe all the hype" article features in The Engineer

Read Added Scientific Director Richard Hague's opinion on the current state of Additive Manufacturing in an article for The Engineer entitled "dont believe all the hype".

"As someone who has been living and breathing additive tehnologies for the best part of 20 years , it will come as no surprise that I am not a fan of all the hype surrounding consumer 3D printing. For me, it's a relief to see a marked decrease in stories on the 'wonders of 3D printing' appearing in the tabloids and mainstream media on a regular basis" 

"The conversation about AM has moved from taking place exclusively in the labs and in manufacturing shop floors into the business boardrooms. With managment teams taking notice, AM is attracting more stategic buy-in and investment. Business and industry are starting to take it seriously"

"AM has always been a disruptive technology, even before – and now after – the hype of consumer 3D printing. Education, training and success stories will only help to strengthen this perception, helping the industry to continue to develop, evolve and thrive".

You can read the article in full here https://www.theengineer.co.uk/3d-printing-dont-believe-all-the-hype/