04 April 2017 Added Scientific features in Nottingham Post

Why 3D printing is 'hot new technology' - and Nottingham has the experts

Added Scientific featured in the local news with a article in the Nottingham Post about the recent move to their new facility at Nottingham Science Park. With Nottingham becoming established as a hub of activity in the AM & 3DP space, the gowing cluster of companies emerging around the research base established at the University of Nottingham. 

Co-Directors Prof. Richard Hague and Prof. Phill Dickens were on hand for a photo opportuity in the new Added Scientific office.

Nottingham Post Business Editor Dan Robinson visited the new Added Scientific office and interviewed company Co-Directors, Professors Richard Hague and Phill Dickens and business development executive, Dr Jamie Patient.

Richard Hague on AM in industry: 

"The problem the industry has is that everyone wants to implement additive manufacturing. It's seen as a hot new technology area but very few people know how to do it, so a lot of companies need that expertise to give them a helping hand on to the ladder."

You can read the full story here http://www.nottinghampost.com/why-3d-printing-is-hot-new-technology-and-...