GTMA Webinar: Design for adoption of AM and the digital workflow

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Webinar: Design for adoption of AM and the digital workflow

Hosted by GTMA with invited speaker Dr Laurence Coles from Added Scientific Ltd, this webinar will introduce some of the design benefits AM can offer, while demonstrating the digital workflow allowing CNC companies to expand into AM. The presentation will highlight the similarities and differences comparing AM to current CNC processing.

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AM has seen widespread adoption across many industries, from picking up the production of obsolete components, providing alternative supply chains for low volume production, and as technology continually improves an increase in end-use components to name a few. Producing end-use metal components has picked up significantly in recent years as material processing and resulting performance has improved to near that of its billet equivalent. So, what can additive manufacturing offer alongside supply chain flexibility?




This webinar will be hosted by the GTMA online on the TEAMS platform.
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