How We Work

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Confidential research, as standard.

We know that the research we do could change entire industries. That’s why we’ll never publish any research created as a result of client projects without permission. We’re completely separate from any other research bodies, so your confidential projects are safe with us.

A sensible approach to IP ownership.

For many companies looking to expand their research into new territory, the only option is to use a University or RTO (Research and Technology Organisation), often at the cost of their research – many Universities and RTOs keep ownership of any IP developed. Added Scientific is different. We work with you throughout your project, and ensure that you have the option to own IP relevant to your business that is developed through our work with you.

  • International Research

    Many of our clients are overseas, and we’re more than happy to work with international companies to further your research.

  • Technology Agnostic

    We don’t play favourites. We choose our kit because it’s the best, and are happy to invest in new equipment for particular projects.

  • University links

    As a spin-out of the University of Nottingham, we have access to their state-of-the-art equipment and research.

Who we've worked with

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