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Using cutting-edge technology to push the boundaries of Additive Manufacturing.

Our wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and technology means that we can provide our clients with services covering the entire spectrum of technology, from the big questions right down to the fundamental sciences of materials and processes. Whatever your project requires – whether you’re looking for design solutions, material analysis or process development – our specialist equipment and expert team can help.

Material Jetting

  • Pixdro LP50 Systems

    Lab-based material jetting systems with the capability to print with both industrial printheads and replaceable DMC printheads, enabling the scale-up of new inks.

  • Dimatix Material Printers

    Lab-based material jetting systems for initial feasibility testing of new materials.

  • Custom Binder Jetting development rig

    Custom-built powder recoating system, based upon the Pixdro LP50 system, that enables highly flexible binder jetting development.

  • JetXpert Dropwatcher

    A best-in-class system for the assessment of droplets from printheads, enabling in-depth ink analysis and parameter development.

  • Pixdro JETx Toucan

    Unique system for multimaterial printing, enabling up to 6 different materials to be printed simultaneously.

  • Inert Gloveboxes

    Large scale gloveboxes to house material jetting systems; this allows printing of highly reactive or sensitive materials.

Powder Bed Systems

  • Renishaw AM125, AM400 and AM250

    Industrial metal AM machines offering a range of build chamber sizes and laser power options for material and product development.

  • Realizer SLM50

    Lab-based metal AM system with a small build chamber, allowing development of new materials and parameters.

  • EOS Formiga P100 systems

    Two fully unlocked polymer systems, enabling new material development for Selective Laser Sintering.

Other Systems

  • Nanoscribe GT

    Two-photon lithography system, with sub-micron resolution for the development of novel materials and applications.

Analytical Equipment

  • Perkin Elmer DSC8500

    Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) system for evaluating material characteristics such as glass transition temperatures.

  • Hamilton Microlab STAR

    High throughput liquid handling system, used for the rapid identification and selection of printable materials.

  • Malvern Mastersizer 3000

    Laser diffraction particle size analyser for assessing wet and dry dispersions.

  • Krüss DSA100

    Drop Shape Analyser for assessing the wetting and adhesion of droplets onto substrates.

  • Malvern Kinexus Pro

    Rotational rheometer for the characterisation of materials, with shear and vertical testing.

  • Hitachi SEM

    Scanning Electron Microscope with cold stage and EDX for sample preparation.

Desktop Equipment

  • FDM Systems

    Ultimaker 3 Extended

  • Vat Photopolymerisation

    Formlabs Form 1 and Form 2, Photocentric, Autodesk Ember

  • Laser Sintering

    Sintratec Kit

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