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Additive Manufacturing Expertise for your Project

Our expert team have years of experience in research and innovation for Additive Manufacturing. Our wide range of equipment and technology can be tuned to your specific needs and requirements, whether you’re looking to develop the perfect material for your needs, reconfigure your processes, implement new design and computation solutions, or give your team the training they need.

Material Development: UV and IR Curable Resins

Supporting 3D printing material end-users and material vendors in the development of new and innovative UV and IR curable resins.

Material Development: Functional Inks and Binders

Supporting 2D and 3D printing materials user and material vendors in the development of new and innovative functional inks and binders.

Process Optimisation: Material Jetting and Binder Jetting

Providing unrivalled capability and laboratory capacity in material and binder jetting for 2D and 3D printing users and technology vendors and materials retailers.

Process Optimisation: Metal and Polymer Powder 3D Printing

Providing extensive expertise to 3D printing users, machine manufacturers and materials vendors in both polymer and metallic powder-based processes.

Design for AM/3DP: Innovative Design Solutions

Enabling AM/3DP users achieve design excellence by combining a first principle approach with computational modelling, part consolidation and lattice integration.

Design for AM/3DP: Simulation and Topology Optimisation

Enabling AM/3DP users to maximise component efficiency through advanced FEA & CFD simulation and multi-physics driven topology optimisation.

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Our Additive Manufacturing experts can help point you in the right direction, to ensure that you get the help you need.