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We can help you exploit the freedoms of Additive Manufacturing by developing next-generation software and tools to improve and optimise the design of your products, using a variety of automated tools and custom-made software specifically made for commercial Additive Manufacturing. Our modelling and simulation capabilities provide a cost-effective way of optimising process, materials and design.

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Our research is at the forefront of Additive Manufacturing, and has been utilised by companies across the globe. Find out more about our latest innovations below.

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Our clients are at the heart of every project. That’s why we’re happy to accommodate any specific needs you might have, including intellectual property ownership and non-disclosure agreements.

  • Clients retain ownership of intellectual property

    We understand how important your IP is to our customers. Unlike many research bodies, we ensure that you get to keep full ownership of any foreground IP developed through our research.

  • Strict non-disclosure agreements

    We work with global companies on highly strategic and confidential projects. We will never publish or share any research created through client projects without permission.

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