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Prof. Chris Tuck

Founder & Director

About Prof. Chris Tuck

With 20 years of experience in the materials field, and 15 in 3D Printing, Chris brings an unrivalled expertise in materials processing and characterisation for Additive Manufacturing. His previous research has been based around the manufacture of multi-material and multifunctional inkjet printing, nano-scale Additive Manufacturing systems, and the development of metallic AM systems for use in industry.

Chris also has a research interest in the impact 3D Printing has on the economics of manufacturing and the environment.

“We all love to solve problems for our customers, I love working with our customers to understand their needs and provide a solution using Additive Manufacturing.”

Prof. Chris Tuck

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The team at Added Scientific is made up of industry experts bringing together their AM expertise in manufacturing, materials, design, modelling, simulation and implementation.

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