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Prof. Phill Dickens


About Prof. Phill Dickens

A leading light in Additive Manufacturing, Phill was one of the first proponents of 3D Printing in the UK and beyond. He was the first to show how Rapid Prototyping could be used as a process for manufacturing end-use parts and, importantly, also demonstrated the economic viability of the approach – this formed the basis for modern Additive Manufacturing.

These days Phill works on crafting UK strategy in 3D Printing and is pushing for its acceptance both in Government and Industry worldwide.

"Our work often takes the technology into different manufacturing areas and I am excited by this, especially some of the high volume applications. I also enjoy the short timescales, and absolute necessity to have a result."

Prof. Phill Dickens

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The team at Added Scientific is made up of industry experts bringing together their AM expertise in manufacturing, materials, design, modelling, simulation and implementation.

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