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Prof. Ricky Wildman


About Prof. Ricky Wildman

3D Printing requires a fundamental understanding of the process, and Ricky’s 20 years in particle and fluid mechanics gives insight into the basic workings of 3D Printing technology. He works to understand the interaction between material and process, developing new functionality and new processes – up and down in scale and in particular developing 3D Printing for the healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Recently he has embarked on a programme to widen the portfolio of materials available for Additive Manufacturing.

"Added Scientific is the place where we make science into engineering. It is wonderful to see how through greater understanding of how things work, we can exert control over processes and provide solutions that result in additive manufacturing being used out in the wider world."

Prof. Ricky Wildman

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The team at Added Scientific is made up of industry experts bringing together their AM expertise in manufacturing, materials, design, modelling, simulation and implementation.

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